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Antokolskiy Mark
Jewish Miser. 1865
Antokolsky Mark
Jewish Tailor. 1864
Antonov Sergei
Girl Plucking a Flower. 1842
Anushina Antonina
Okhta. 1930s
Arkhipov Abram
Laundresses. Circa 1898
Asknazy Isaac
Jewish Wedding. 1893
Atkinson John
Tobogganing on the Neva. 1792
Benois Alexander
Commedia dell’ arte. 1906
Benois Alexander
Le Bain de la Marquise. 1906
Chagall Marc
Blue Lovers. 1914
Bogdanov-Belsky Nikolai
At the Doors of a School. 1897
Bubnov Alexander
Bread. 1948
Brullov Karl
Dream of a Grandmother and Granddaughter. 1829
Brullov Karl
Italian Midday (Italian Girl Picking Grapes). 1827
Chagall Marc
Slaughterhouse. 1911
Chagall Marc
Soldiers with Loaves. Between 1914 and 1915
Chagall Marc
Sweeper. Circa 1925
Chagall Marc
The Date. 1914
Chernyshev Alexei
Departure (Officer Taking Leave of His Family). 1850
Deineka Alexander
Textile Workers. 1927
Fedotov Pavel
The Major Makes a Proposal (Inspecting a Bride in a Merchant’s House). Circa 1851
Fedotov Pavel
Young Widow. 1850 (?)
Filonov Pavel
At the Table.1912–1913
Dmitriev-Orenburgsky Nikolai
Fire in the Countryside. Late 1870s
Górecki Tadeusz (Faddei)
Exchanging Easter Kisses. 1850
Gerasimov Alexander
Empty Carts. 1913
Gerasimov Alexander
Troika. 1914
Ginzburg Ilya
Young Musician. 1890
Goncharova Natalia
Cyclist. 1913
Goncharova Natalia
Laundresses. 1911
Goncharova Natalia
Peasant Women. 1910
Goryushkin-Sorokopudov Ivan
Boyar Arriving at a Monastery. 1912
Grigoriev Boris
Countryside. 1918
Ivanov Alexander
Three Naked Boys
Ivanov Viktor
Ivanov Victor. Family. 1945. 1957–64
Ivanov Viktor
Ice Drift. 1987
Ivanov Viktor
The Potato Harvest. 1967
Jacoby Valery
Prisoners’ Rest
Jaroshenko Nikolai
On Swings. 1888
Jebens Adolph
Changing of the Guard of the Izmailovsky Life Guards Regiment at the Winter Palace. 1850
Kabischer-Yakerson Elena
Girl and a She-Goat. 1920s
Kasatkin Nikolai
The Poor Gathering Coal in a Worked-Out Mine. 1894
Kiprensky Orest
Landscape with Barge Haulers. First half of the 1810s
Korovin Konstantin
Northern Idyll. 1892
Korzukhin Alexei
Hen Party. 1889
Krendovsky Evgraf
Friends. 1830s
Krendovsky Evgraf
Seven O’Clock in the Evening. 1833–1835
Kustodiev Boris
Bathing. 1912
Kustodiev Boris
Lilac. 1906
Kustodiev Boris
Morning. 1904
Kustodiev Boris
Shrovetide. 1916
Kustodiev Boris
Streltsy Having a Good Time at a Tavern. 1901
Kuznetsov Pavel
Shearing Rams. Circa 1912
Lanceray Evgeny
Leaving for the Market. 1870
Lanceray Yevgueni
In the Cart. 1871
Lebedev Claudius
Boyar. 1897
Lebedev Claudius
Falconers of Kholmogory Delivering Falcons to the Grand Falconer’s Assistant in the Semenovsky Poteshny Yard in Moscow in the Late 17th Century. 1899
Lebedev Claudius
Gylfalconers and Falconers Training Falcons in the Semenovsky Poteshny Yard in Moscow in the Late 17th Century. 1900
Lentulov Aristarkh
Parasols. Beach. Early 1910s
Makovsky Konstantin
Female Reaper
Makovsky Konstantin
The Translation of the Holy Carpet in Cairo. 1876
Makovski Vladimir
Makovsky Vladimir. Convict. 1879
Malyavin Philipp
Peasant Women. 1905
Maximov Vasily
Blind Master. 1884
Maximov Vasily
Dreaming about the Future. 1868
Miasoedov Grigori
Harvest Time (Scythers). 1887
Mileeva Lyubov
Parade. 1925. Tray
Morgunov Alexei
Butcher’s Shop. 1911 (?)
Myasoedov Alexander
Carnival in Rome
Mylnikov Andrei
Mylnikov Andrey. In Peaceful Fields. 1950
Nesterov Mikhail
Hermit. 1888
Nesterov Mikhail
The Great Taking of the Veil. 1898
Orlovsky Alexander
Cossack with a Lance on a Horse. Late 1800s — early 1810s
Osolodkov Pyotr
Foundry Workers. 1930s
Pakulin Vyacheslav
Electrosila Factory Turbine Building. 1931–1932
Pasternak Leonid
Leo Tolstoy and Family at Yasnaya Polyana. 1902
Pelevin Ivan
Penushkin Yury
Sun in March. 1977
Perov Vasily
Hunters at Rest
Perov Vasily
Monastic Refectory. 1865–76
Pestel Vera
Interior. Family at the Table. 1918–1919
Petrov-Vodkin Kuzma
Morning. 1917
Petrov-Vodkin Kuzma
Plastov Arkady
Bathing Horses. 1938
Plastov Arkady
Midday. 1961
Plastov Arkady
Youth (Rest). 1954
Popkov Viktor
September on the Mezen River. 1969–1970
Pryanishnikov Illarion. Religious Procession. 1893
Repin Ilya
Barge Haulers on the Volga. 1870–73
Repin Ilya
In Volost Office. 1877
Repin Ilya
On a Turf Bench. 1876
Repin Ilya
Seeing off a Recruit. 1879
Repin Ilya
Studying for an Exam. 1864
Repin Ilya
What an Expanse! 1903
Rozhdestvensky Vasily
Rolling Shop of the "Sickle and Hammer" Plant. 1930
Savitsky Konstantin. To War. 1888
Schwartz Vyacheslav
Hosting the Boyar (Prince Serebryany Visiting Boyar Morozov). 1865
Schwartz Vyacheslav
Scene from the Domestic Life of Russian Tsars (Playing Chess). 1885
Scotti Mikhail
Three Neapolitans. Early 1840s
Serebryakova Zinaida
Serebryakava Zinaida. Peasants. 1914
Serebryakova Zinaida
Bath-House. 1913
Serebryakova Zinaida
Two Peasant Girls. Circa 1915
Serov Valentin
Bathing a Horse. 1905
Shevchenko Alexander
Janitor. 1913
Rozanova Olga
Smithy. 1912
Solomatkin Leonid
Watchmen Singing Praises. 1882
Somov Konstantin
In Love. 1905
Somov Konstantin
Lady with a Mask. 1906
Somov Konstantin
Winter. Skating Rink. 1915
Stelletsky Dmitry
Maidens. 1906
Surikov Vasily
Taking a Snow Town. 1891
Sverchkov Nikolai
Caught in a Storm. Second Half of the 19th century
Venetsianov Alexei
The First Steps (A Peasant Woman with a Child)
Unknown Artist
Do Not Scold Me, Dear. Song. 1884
Ustinov Alexander
Peaceful Marsomania. After 1847
Venetsianov Alexei
A Peasant Boy Donning Bast Shoes. Between 1823 and 1826
Venetsianov Alexei
Dairy Maid (Peasant Woman with a Milk Pail). Before 1826
Venetsianov Alexei
Girl in a Hay Loft. 1830s
Venetsianov Alexei
Morning of a Landowner’s Wife (Landowner’s Wife Engaged in Housekeeping: Landowner's Wife Giving Flax to Peasant Women). 1823
Venetsianov Alexei
Reapers. Late 1820s
Venetsianov Alexei
Sleeping Shepherd Boy. Between 1823 and 1826
Venetsianov Alexei
Threshing Barn. 1822–23
Petrov Nikolai
Viewing of the Bride. 1861
Vinogradov Sergei
In Summer. 1908
Volkov Alexander
Elections to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. 1949
Zagonek Vyacheslav
March. Workdays. 1963–1964
Zagonek Vyacheslav
Morning. 1959–1960

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