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Boyar Arriving at a Monastery. 1912

Goryushkin-Sorokopudov Ivan,
Oil on canvas
87,8 x 102,8

State Russian Museum

Пост. в 1975, дар И. М. Воронова, Печоры Псковской области


A characteristic work for the artist that reflects an interest peculiar to the era: the history and culture of Rus pre-Peter the Great. Goryushkin-Sorokopudov frequently reproduced poetically rendered scenes of life of Russian people in the long ago past against a background of whimsical wooden structures from the 17th century, aiming to convey the spirit and fragrance of life of that era.
His favourite motifs were scenes of boyars arriving at or departing from monasteries. The artist particularly enjoyed setting these subjects against winter landscapes. The wide road in the foreground leading into the depths of the picture and the high trees with lacy branches are invariable features of the master’s compositions.

Author's Biography

Goryushkin-Sorokopudov Ivan

Goryushkin-Sorokopudov, Ivan Silych
1873, Nashcha, Tambov Gubernia — 1954, Ivanovka, Penza Region
Painter, graphic artist, teacher. Studied at the Higher School of Art, Imperial Academy of Arts (1895–1902). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1896). Taught at the Nikolai Seliverstov School of Art in Penza (1908–1954; 1942–1947, director). Honoured Artist of the RSFSR (from 1943).

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