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Ice Drift. 1987

Ivanov Viktor,
Oil on сanvas
267 x 360

State Russian Museum

Пост. в 1989 через МК РСФСР, Москва


The painting "Ice Drift" shows the organic union of concrete subjects from life and deeply eternal themes that are always characteristic for the artist’s work. Viktor Ivanov references acute social problems both visually and compositionally, such as the chosen path of the country as a whole and of individuals during the initial years of perestroika.

Author's Biography

Ivanov Viktor

Ivanov, Viktor Ivanovich (born 1924, Moscow)
Painter, graphic and genre artist, portraitist, landscapist. Studied under Pavel Koshevoy, Konstantin Molchanov and Vasily Pochitalov at the Secondary School of Art at the Moscow School of Art and Industry (1939–1944) and under Alexei Gritsai, Yury Kugach, Vasily Pochitalov and Vasily Yakovlev at the Vasily Surikov Institute of Art in Moscow (1944–1950). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1950). Member of the Union of Artists (from 1951). Winner of the State Prize of Russia (1996). In 2004, the Viktor Ivanov and the Ryazan Land Gallery opened in Ryazan.

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