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Parade. 1925. Tray

Mileeva Lyubov,
Oil on iron
71 х 57,5

State Russian Museum

Пост. в 1925 с Международной выставки декоративного искусства и современной художественной промышленности, Париж, 1925


Institute of Decorative Art workshop, Leningrad.
Examples of how together with changes in the social strata, attempts were made to change even the everyday environment: the design of dishes, and furniture, and the layout of streets and squares. It was not unusual for objects as functional as serving trays to have images resembling easel paintings. They were done by major artists.

Author's Biography

Mileeva Lyubov

MILEEVA (Mileeva-Lanskaya), Lyubov Fyodorovna
1894, Ryazan - 1930, Samarkand
Painter, drawer, book illustrator. Graduated from the School of Drawing, Society for the Encouragement of the Arts (1914). Worked at the Decorative Institute, Petrograd (1923–1925). Worked with the Krasnaya Panorama (Red Panorama) and Rabotnitsa i Krest’yanka (Woman Worker and Peasant Woman) magazines. Worked in Ukraine (1925) and the Caucasus (1925–1927), Central Asia (1929‒1930). Participated in ethnographic expeditions, studied the everyday life of a Ryazan village and folk art. Created a series of works dedicated to Ryazan Territory (1926) distinguished by its vivid images, decorative quality and the juiciness of the colour palette. Illustrated children s books and worked at the famous Raduga Publishing House. Received a Gold Medal at the World Exhibition in Paris (1925) for the decorative mural Old and New Village.

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