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Electrosila Factory Turbine Building. 1931–1932

Pakulin Vyacheslav,
Oil on canvas
118 x 91

State Russian Museum

Пост. в 1977 от Л. В. Пакулиной, дочери художника, Ленинград


Like many of his colleagues, Vyacheslav Pakulin addressed the industrial theme in the early 1930s. The artist was interested in his human heroes and the possibility of a painterly interpretation of an industrial subject. Pakulin "revolves" the space of the shop floor, filling it with the rhythmic movements of the workers. The unceasing motion evokes the sensation of the constancy and stability of the efforts of labour. The artist s soft silhouettes and light, subtly degraded painting add a poetic touch. On the reverse side of the canvas, the artist noted the exact dates of work on the painting: December 1931 - February 1932.

Author's Biography

Pakulin Vyacheslav

PAKULIN, Vyacheslav Vladimirovich
1900, Rybinsk å 1951, Leningrad
Painter, graphic artist, theatrical designer, land¬scapist, portraitist; painted still lifes and genre scenes.StudiedattheBaronStieglitzCentralSchool of Technical Drawing (1916–1917, 1920–1922) and under Alexei Karev and Alexei Savinov at the High¬er Art and Technical Studios (1922–1925). Con¬tributed to exhibitions (from 1922). Member and contributor to the exhibitions of the Union of New Trends in Art (1921–1922) and the Circle of Artists (1926–1932; founding member and chairman). Member of the Board of the Leningrad branch of the Union of Artists (1935). Member of the team of artists (1935) (headed by Alexander Samokhva¬lov) working on the panel Cotton for All-Union Agricultural Exhibition.

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