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Afanasyev Vasily
Peter the Great Saving Drowning Soldiers During a Flood. 1914
Aivazovskiy Ivan
A Russian Squadron on the Sevastopole Roadstead. 1846
Aivazovskiy Ivan
Peter I at Krasnaya Gorka Lighting a Fire on the Shore to Signal to his Sinking Ships. 1846
Alexandrov Alexander
Ivan the Terrible. 1910
Bończa-Tomaszewski Julian
Three Great Epochs in Russia (Christianity, Civilization, Freedom).1870-1880
Brullov Karl
The Death of Inês de Castro, Morganatic Wife of Don Pedro, Infant of Portugal. 1834
Brullov Karl
The Last Day of Pompeii. 1833
Charlemagne Adolf
Peter the Great Catching Conspirators in the Act in the House of Ivan Tsykler on 23 February 1697. 1884
Chernetsov Grigory
Parade Celebrating the End of Military Action in the Kingdom of Poland on Tsaritsa Meadow in St Petersburg on 6 October 1831
Chernetsov Grigory
Peter the Great in His Workshop in Saardam. 1837
Chlebowski Stanislaw
Assembly Under Peter the Great. 1858
Demidov Vasily
Tsarina Natalia and Tsarevich Peter at the Red Porch
Denisov Alexander
Erecting the Alexander Column. 1832
Roerich Nicholas
Foreign Guests. 1901
Ge Nikolai
Peter I (the Great) Interrogating Tsarevich Alexei Petrovich in Peterhof. 1872
Geller Pyotr
Metropolitan Tonsuring Ivan the Terrible into Schema Before His Death. 1887
Gorelov Gavriil
Mocking the Corpse of Ivan Miloslavsky. 1911
Gorski Konstanty
Peter the Great Visiting the Marquise de Maintenon in 1717
Guerasimov Alexander
Hymn to October. 1942
Ivanov Andrei
Appeal to Prince Dmitry Pozharsky. 1827
Ivanov Sergei
Battle Cry. 1898
Ivanov Sergei
In a Public Office of Muscovite Times. 1907
Jacoby Valery
The Ice House. 1878
Karmanov Ivan
Suppression of the Schismatics’ Revolt by Peter the Great
Kivshenko Alexei
Military Council in Fili in 1812. 1880
Korzhev Helium
Picking up the Banner. 1960
Kotzebue Alexander von
Feat of Peter the Great in the Storm
Kuchumov Vasily
Peter the Great Examining a Statue of Venus in the Summer Palace. 1916
Ladurner Adolphe
Ceremonial Consecration of the Alexander Column on Palace Square in St Petersburg on 30 August 1834. 1830s
Ladurner Adolphe
Nicholas I Receiving a Report of Prince Alexei Lobanov-Rostovsky, Adjutant General. 1830s–1840s
Litovchenko Alexander
Ivan the Terrible Showing Treasures to the English Ambassador Jerome Horsey. 1875
Lomtev Nikolai
Scene from the Time of Troubles (The Saving of Maryna Mniszech During the Uprising Against the Poles in Moscow on 17 May 1606). 1850s
Losenko Anton
Vladimir and Rogneda. 1770
Luchaniniv Ivan
Blessing a Militiaman in 1812. 1810s
Makovsky Konstantin
Kissing Ritual.1895
Makovsky Konstantin
Nurse of Ivan the Terrible. 1888
Makovsky Konstantin
Tsar Alexis Mikhailovich Choosing a Bride
Mikeshin Mikhail
Design for a Monument Commemorating the Russian Victory Over the Swedes at the Battle of Lesnaya on 28 September 1708. 1890
Miloradowicz Sergei
Defending the St Sergius Monastery of the Trinity. 1894
Moiseyenko Yevsei
Victory. 1970–72
Osmerkin Alexander
Red Guards at the Winter Palace. 1927
Pelevin Ivan
Ivan the Terrible by the Body of His Son, Whom He Has Murdered. 1877
Perov Vasily
Pugachev Sitting in Trial. 1879
Petrov-Vodkin Kuzma
1919. Alarm. 1934
Pleshanov Pavel
Murder of Tsarevich Dimitry in Uglich
Repin Ilya
Ceremonial Sitting of the State Council on 7 May 1901 Marking the Centenary of its Foundation. 1903
Repin Ilya
Wedding of Tsar Nicholas II and Grand Duchess Alexandra Fyodorovna. 1894
Repin Ilya
Zaporozhian Cossacks. 1880–91
Repin Ilya
Repin llya. 17 October 1905. 1907, 1911
Roerich Nicholas
lgor’s Campaign. 1942
Roerich Nicholas
Overseas Guests. 1902
Ryabushkin Andrei
Seventeenth-Century Merchant Family. 1896
Ryabushkin Andrei
Seventeenth-Century Moscow Street on a Public Holiday. 1895
Schwartz Vyacheslav
Palm Sunday in Moscow Under Tsar Alexis Mikhailovich. Procession of the Patriarch on a Donkey. 1865
Schwartz Vyacheslav
Prince Shuisky and Count De la Gardie Entering Moscow. Second half of the 1960s
Schwarz Gustav
Ceremonial Appearance in the Armorial Hall of the Winter Palace. 1854
Sedov Grigory
Tsar Ivan the Terrible Admiring Vasilisa Melentieva. 1875
Serov Valentin
Peter II and Princess Elizabeth Riding to Hounds. 1900
Shustov Nikolai
Election of Michael Romanov as Tsar. 1859
Smirnov Vasily
Death of Nero. 1888
Steuben Charles de
Peter the Great in Childhood, Saved from the Fury of the Streltsy by His Mother. 1830
Surikov Vasily
Stepan Razin. 1906
Surikov Vasily
Yermak’s Conquest of Siberia. 1895
Surikov Vasily
Suvorov Crossing the Alps in 1799. 1899
Roerich Nicholas
The Battle of Mstislav and Rededya. 1943
Ugryumov Grigory
Testing the Strength of Jan Usmar. 1796 (1797?)
Unknown Artist
Catherine the Great Travelling Through Her Country in 1787. Second half of the 18th century
Vernet Émile
The Coronation of Emperor Alexander I on 15 September 1801
Vernet Émile
The Coronation of Empress Marie Feodorovna on 5 April 1797
Volkov Adrian
Death of Ivan Susanin. 1855
Willewalde Bogdan
Nicholas I and Tsesarevich Alexander in an Artist’s Studio in 1854
Unknown Artist
Carousel in Tsarskoye Selo. 1842

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