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Vladimir and Rogneda. 1770

Losenko Anton,
Oil on Canvas
211,5 x 177,5


Anton Losenko was elected to the Academy and appointed adjunct professor for this work in 1770. It was painted for a programme given to students of the Imperial Academy of Arts on 4 October 1769:
“Consolidating his hold on Novgorod, Prince Vladimir commands Prince Rogvold of Polotsk to givehim his daughter Rogneda in marriage; angered by Rogneda’s refusal, Vladimir gathers his forces, takes the capital of Polotsk by force, kills Rogvold and his two sons and forcibly marries the proud Rogneda.”

Author's Biography

Losenko Anton

Losenko, Anton Pavlovich
1757, Glukhov - 1773 St Petersburg
History painter, portraitist, draughtsman. Studied at Ivan Argunov''s studio (from 1753) and under Jean-Louis de Velly and Louis-Jean-Francois Lagrenee at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1758-60). Taught at the Imperial Academy of Arts. Adjunct (1762). Fellow of the Imperial Academy of Arts in France (1760-62, 1763-65), studied under Jean Restout and Joseph-Marie Vien. Awarded silver medals for drawings by the Academic des Beaux-Arts in Paris (1763, 1764,1765). Studied in Italy (1765-69). Nominated to the Imperial Academy of Arts (1769), academician and professor (1770). Head of the history painting class, director of the Imperial Academy of Arts (1772-73

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