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Suppression of the Schismatics’ Revolt by Peter the Great

Karmanov Ivan,
Oil on canvas
103 х 142

State Russian Museum


The subject of this painting refers to the time when Russia had two tsars, Ivan and Peter, both of them young, and the country was effectively governed by their sister, Tsarevna Sophia Alexeyevna. Under the baldachin we can see the double throne that was made for the 10-year-old Peter and the 16-year-old Ivan. The famous “Dispute on the Confession of Faith”, a discussion of the church reforms carried out by Patriarch Nikon, took place on 5 July 1682 in the Palace of Facets, in the presence of Patriarch Joachim and the royal persons. The schismatics, who did not accept the reforms, demanded a return to the old church laws and ceremonies. The dispute turned to blows, but no decision was made. On the following day the person who had instigated the dispute, Nikita Pustosvyat, a priest from Suzdal, was executed. Tsar Peter did not take part in the debate, due to his young age, and the stern rebuke addressed to the schismatics that later historiographers have ascribed to him is a complete fabrication.

Author's Biography

Karmanov Ivan

Karmanov, Ivan
Artist of the first half of the 19th century
No biographical details known.

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