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Babáiev Polidor
Heroism of Leonty Korennoi, Grenadier of the Finland Life Guards Regiment, at the Battle of Leipzig in 1813
Bogolyubov Alexey
Battle of Grengam on 27 July 1720
Deineka Alexander
Defence of Sebastopole. 1942
Karazin Nikolai
1881 Campaign Against the Tekke Turkomans. The Battle of Geok Tepe. 1889
Kotzebue Alexander von
Battle Between the Russians and the Swedes at Lesnaya on 28 October 1708
Moshkov Vladimir
Battle of Leipzig on 6 October 1813. 1815
Johann Gottfried Tannauer
Peter I at the Battle of Poltava. 1724 (1725?)
Stelletsky Dmitry
Battle. 1906. Decorative mural after The Songof Igor’s Campaign Russian epic poem
Unknown Artist
Suvorov’s Anecdote. 1894
Willewalde Bogdan
Battle of Bystřice (Episode from the Russo-Hungarian War of 1849)

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