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Battle of Leipzig on 6 October 1813. 1815

Moshkov Vladimir,
Oil on canvas
124,5 х 237

State Russian Museum

Пост.: 1923 из АХ


The battle fought at Leipzig in Saxony on 6 October 1813, which is also called the “Battle of the Nations”, is one of the largest in world history. In this battle, Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated by the unified armies of Russia, Prussia, Austria, and Sweden, who comprised the anti-Napoleon Sixth Coalition, which also included Great Britain, Spain, and Portugal. The victory at Leipzig led to Napoleon losing his last allies and put before him a Europe united against him. The canvas was painted by Vladimir Moshkov at a time when memories of this grandiose battle were still fresh. Upon examining this painting by the recent graduate of the Academy, the Academic Council awarded him the title of Academician.

Author's Biography

Moshkov Vladimir

Moshkov, Vladimir Ivanovich
1792, Moscow – 1839, Astrakhan
Painter, watercolourist, battle painter, author of history paintings, portraitist. Son of a merchant. Studied at the Imperial Academy of Arts (from 1801). Awarded a second silver medal (1809); first silver medal (1810) for drawings from life; second gold medal (1811); first-class gold medal and first-degree certificate (1812) for the “battle of the Romans and the Latins (Sacrificial Death of Decius Mus)” programme. Academician (1815). Appointed a painter of the embassy to Persia (August 1816). Awarded a title of titular counsellor (30 March 1818). Worked in the field army in Asia Minor (1828–1829). Travelled across the Caucasus (1820–1830s), created many sketches and studies for future drawings and watercolours. Lived in Tiflis (1830). Served at the Astrakhan customs until death.

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