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Battle of Bystřice (Episode from the Russo-Hungarian War of 1849)

Willewalde Bogdan,
Oil on canvas
84,5 х 128,5

State Russian Museum


At the request of Franz Joseph I of Austria, who sought to repress the 1849 Hungarian Uprising, Nicholas I sent him the aid of the army under the command of Field Marshal Count Ivan Paskevich-Erivansky. On 28 June on the territory of Northern Transylvania, the 2nd Uhlan Division of General Magnus Johann von Grotenhielm defeated the rebel detachment of General Józef Bem, significantly weakening their forces. The artist seems to have depicted the final moment of the battle, when, after receiving a command from the commander, the division units return to their positions.

Author's Biography

Willewalde Bogdan

Willewalde, Bogdan (Gottfried)
1818 (1819?), ? – 1903, Dresden
Painter, battle painter, genre artist, portraitist, landscapist. Studied under Karl Brullov and Alexander Sauerweid at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1843–1844). Taught at the School of Drawing, Society for the Encouragement of Artists, St Petersburg (1840–1842). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1842). Foreign fellow of the Imperial Academy of Arts (1843–1844). Summoned to St Petersburg by order of Nicholas I to complete works commissioned from deceased Alexander Sauerweid (1864). Appointed teacher of drawing for Grand Dukes Nicholas Nikolayevich and Michael Nikolayevich. Taught at the school of the Society of St Petersburg Artists (1840–1842). Taught at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1848–1894). Academician of painting (from 1845), professor of battlepainting (from 1848), member of the Academy Council (from 1859), first-class professor (с 1872). Professor emeritus (1888).

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