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Battle of Grengam on 27 July 1720

Bogolyubov Alexey,
Oil on canvas
229 х 380

State Russian Museum

Пост.: 1924 из ГЭ


The last major battle of the Northern War between Russia and Sweden took place near the island of Grengam in the Baltic on 27 July 1720. A squadron commanded by General-in-Chief Mikhail Golitsyn was pursued by a Swedish fleet which found itself in shallow waters; there it was surrounded by the more manoeuvrable Russian ships which took four enemy frigates by boarding. The Battle of Grengam brought Sweden’s domination of the Baltic to an end and hastened the signing of the Treaty of Nystadt. The prominent marine artist Alexei Bogolyubov has depicted the moment when the massive Swedish ships are surrounded by the warships and galleys of the Russian squadron.

Author's Biography

Bogolyubov Alexey

Bogolyubov Alexey Petrovich
1824, the village Pomeranye in Novgorod province – 1896, Paris
Artist, draughtsman; landscape painter, marine artist. Grandson of A.N. Radishchev. In 1841 he graduated from the Naval Sea Cadet Corps. Since 1850 – auditor of the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts, studied under the tutelage of M.N.Vorobyev and B.P. Villevalde. In 1853 he graduated from the Academy of Arts with the title of class artist of the 1st degree; in the same year was appointed painter of the Naval General Staff. In 1854–1860 worked abroad. Since 1858 – academician; since 1860 – professor of marine views painting. Since 1873 – member of the Society for Travelling Art Exhibitions (also known as Peredvizhniki). After 1873 he worked abroad, had a studio in Paris. In 1885 he founded the Museum of Russian Art in Saratov and a drawing school, which was opened in 1897. Since 1893 – an actual member of the Academy of Arts.

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