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Bakst Léon
Postman. 1903
Benois Alexander
Le Bain de la Marquise. 1906
Bilibin Ivan
Volga and Militia. 1902
Brullov Karl
Dream of a Grandmother and Granddaughter. 1829
Chagall Marc
Soldiers with Loaves. Between 1914 and 1915
Chagall Marc
Sweeper. Circa 1925
Chagall Marc
The Date. 1914
Chagall Marc
Grandfather’s Yard. 1914
Kiprensky Orest
Landscape with Barge Haulers. First half of the 1810s
Kiprensky Orest
Portrait of A. Lanskoi. 1813
Kiprensky Orest
Portrait of Alexander Dmitriyev-Mamonov. 1815
Kiprensky Orest
Portrait of Mikhail Lanskoi. 1813
Kiprensky Orest
Portrait of Vasily Perovsky. 1824
Lissitzky Lazar
Cover to the book “Fairy-tale about Nanny-Goat”. 1919
Somov Konstantin
Magic. 1898
Roerich Nicholas (Nikolai)
Roerich Nicholas. Birch Trees. 1905
Vasnetsov Victor
Our Lady with the Holy Child. 1887
Vorobyov Maxim
Yelagin Island at Night. Late 1810s or early 1820s

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