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View onto the Kremlin from the Stone Bridge. 1794

De La Barthe Gerard,
Oil on canvas
75 х 141

State Russian Museum

Пост. в 1931 из Александровского дворца-музея, Детское (Царское) Село, ранее – Аничковский дворец, Петербург

Author's Biography

De La Barthe Gerard

De La Barthe, Gerard (Circa 1730 - ?)
French painter, landscapist. Studied under Joseph-Marie Vien. Worked in Russia (1787–1810). Information on the artist is extremely sketchy. Several publications identify him with his namesake, also a painter who worked in the latter half of the eighteenth century. Painted a series of views of Moscow and its environs in oil and watercolours (1794‒1798) which are well-known thanks to the engravings done by various engravers, first published in Moscow in 1799 by Johann Walser.

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