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View from St Ivan’s Square in the Kremlin onto the Prelate’s Residence, the Spassky Tower and the Church of St Nicholas of Gоstun. 1795

De La Barthe Gerard,
Oil on canvas
75 х 141,5

State Russian Museum

Пост. в 1931 из Александровского дворца-музея Детское (Царское) Село, ранее – Аничковский дворец, Петербург

Author's Biography

De La Barthe Gerard

De La Barthe, Gerard (Circa 1730 - ?)
French painter, landscapist. Studied under Joseph-Marie Vien. Worked in Russia (1787–1810). Information on the artist is extremely sketchy. Several publications identify him with his namesake, also a painter who worked in the latter half of the eighteenth century. Painted a series of views of Moscow and its environs in oil and watercolours (1794‒1798) which are well-known thanks to the engravings done by various engravers, first published in Moscow in 1799 by Johann Walser.

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