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Portrait of Nikolai Demidov. 1800

Tonchi Salvatore,
Oil on canvas
188 x 144

State Russian Museum

Пост. в 1930 из ГЭ


Nikolai Demidov (1773–1828) was the descendent of Nikita Demidov, a Tula blacksmith, who in 1720 received the privilege to mine iron and copper ore in the urals, laying the foundation for the Demidov dynasty. Solider, statesman, diplomat.

Author's Biography

Tonchi Salvatore

Tonchi, Salvatore (1756, Rome — 1844, Moscow)
Italian painter, portraitist. Studied art in Italy. Member of the Accademia de Forti in Rome (1792) and Accademia of Bologna (1793). Moved to St. Petersburg (1795). Moved in Moscow (1804) and married Princess Natalia Gagarina (1778–1832). Lived in Vladimir (1812–1814). Worked as inspector at the Kremlin Construction Department (from 1815). One of the founders of the School of Architecture. Retired in the rank of collegiate counselor (1842) after 25 years of service.

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