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Portrait of Akulina Shamsheva. Second half of the 1780s

Rodchev Vasily,
Oil on canvas
59 х 50,5


Depicts Akulina Andreevna Shamsheva, née Mordvinova, in clothing characteristic of the 1780s.

Author's Biography

Rodchev Vasily

RODCHEV (Rotchev), Vasily Yakovlevich (Palladievich)
1768, St Petersburg - 1803, St Petersburg
History painter and portraitist. Son of a carpenter. Studied under Pyotr Sokolov at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1773–1789). Fellow of the Imperial Academy of Arts in Italy (from 1789). Nominated to the Imperial Academy of Arts (1795). Taught drawing at historical painting classes. Participated in compiling an inventory of paintings and prints stored at the Hermitage (1797). Academi¬cian (from 1800), adjunct-professor (from 1803). Discrepancies in the spelling of his name can be found in academic papers.

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