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Traces of War. 1963–64

Korzhev Helium,
Oil on canvas
200 х 150

State Russian Museum


Helium Korzhev first addressed the theme of the Second World War in 1954. The artist recalled his own wartime childhood in a series of tragic canvases entitled Scorched by the Fire of War, many of which now belong to the Russian Museum. The cycle was inspired by the artist’s personal observations and an unexpected encounter with a veteran, distressed that his war wounds were preventing him from attending the traditional May Day parade: “I understood that I loved this man and that he was close and dear to my heart. As soon as the features of my hero began to take shape, the picture came to life and its content and meaning emerged.” Lifelikeness and artistic authenticity are features of all of Korzhev’s works. This image of a one-eyed soldier is a monument to the heroism, stoicism and dignity of an unbreakable warrior. The artist addresses the themes of war and peace, creating an epic eulogy to heroism and self-sacrifice, extolling those who paid the highest price to defend their homeland.

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Korzhev Helium

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