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Sumptuous hoar Frost. 1941

Grabar Igor,
Oil on canvas
57 x 74

State Russian Museum

Пост. в 1945 от автора, Москва


Grabar said that working on frost awakened his "painterly enthusiasm": "There is little in this world as astonishing in the beautiful polyphony of its moments as a sunny day of frost, where the colour palette changes by the minute, tinted in the most fantastic shades to which our palettes simply cannot do justice".

Author's Biography

Grabar Igor

Grabar, Igor Emmanuilovich
1871, Budapest — 1960, Moscow
Painter, art historian, art critic, museum curator. Studied law, history and philology at St. Petersburg university (1889–1896). Studied at the Higher School of Art, Imperial Academy of Arts (1894–1896) and at Anton Ažbe’s school in Munich (1896–1898). Academician of painting (1913). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1898). Taught at the Ažbe/Grabar school in Munich (1898–1901). Trustee (1913–1918) and director (1918–1925) of the Tretyakov Gallery; director of the Central Art and Restoration Studios (1918–1930).

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