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Portrait of William George Fairmore. Second half of the 1750

Vishnyakov Ivan,
Oil on canvas
135 x 109


William George Fairmore is depicted in the uniform of a sergeant of the Preobrazhensky Life Guards Regiment.
William George Fairmore (1749 — after 1822): Son of William Fairmore, an English general stationed in Russia. Served in the Preobrazhensky Life Guards Regiment. Reached the rank of brigadier. Married the daughter of Colonel Ludolf von Albrecht (1765 — after 1804).

Author's Biography

Vishnyakov Ivan

Vishnyakov, Ivan Yakovlevich
1699, Moscow - 1761, St Petersburg
Painter, portraitist. Son of a mining master, who sent him to St Petersburg (1714). Apprentice of the Ministry of Construction (1727), painting master (1739), ensign (1742), captain (1742), collegiate assessor (1743), court councillor (i752).Headeda team of painters from the Ministry of Construction, decorated the Grand Palace in Peterhof, Summer Palace and Winter Palace in St Petersburg and palaces in Moscow and Kiev (from 1739). Painted icons for churches in St Petersburg. Restored icons and oil paintings.

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