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Portrait of Empress Elizabeth Alexeyevna. 1800s

Tischbein Johann,
Oil on canvas
73 х 58

State Russian Museum

Пост.: 1908 дар великой княгини Елизаветы Федоровны; ранее – собр. великого князя Сергея Александровича


Elizabeth Alexeyevna, née Louise Maria Auguste of Baden (1779–1826): Empress of Russia, spouse of Emperor Alexander I. She was noted for her beauty, level of education, and romantic character. Mainly, she led a secluded, domestic life. In public life, she played a subordinate role to her mother-in-law, Empress Marie Feodorovna. Her husband was frequently unfaithful, and after their relationship cooled, she had several affairs. She buried all of her children. In her later years, she once again grew close to Alexander I and outlived him only by a few months.

Author's Biography

Tischbein Johann

Tischbein, Johann Friedrich August
1750, Maastricht – 1812, Heidelberg
German painter, portraitist. Worked in Russia (1806–1808). Comes from a large artistic family. Studied under his father, court portraitist Johann Valentin Tischbein (1715–1768), then under Johann HeinrichTischbeinthe Elder (1722–1789) in Kassel. Brother of the architect Ludwig Philipp Tischbein (1744–1806), who also worked in Russia. Worked in Paris, Rome, Vienna, Amsterdam and the Hague. Court painter (from 1780) in Dessau.

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