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Portrait of Tsarina Eudoxia Lukyanovna, neé Streshneva, Second Wife of Tsar Michael Feodorovich

Neff Timofei,
Oil on canvas
98 х 71

State Russian Museum

Пост.: 1925 из ГЭ (собрание Романовской галереи)


Copy of a painting by an unknown artist of the 17th century.
Eudoxia Lukyanovna Streshneva (1608–1645) was the second wife (from 1626) of Tsar Michael Feodorovich and the mother of Tsar Alexis Mikhailovich. She came from a line of minor landowners, the Streshnevs, and was chosen by the widowed Tsar at a review of brides. She did not have any influence over matters of state and spent her time raising her children. She was noted for her religious piety and her support for monasteries. She died five weeks after her husband.

Author's Biography

Neff Timofei

Neff, Timofei Andreyevich (Timoleon Carl von)
1805, Püssi Estate (Ostland Province) – 1876, St Petersburg
Painter, history painter, portraitist, monumentalist, iconpainter. Studied under Friedrich Hartmann Barisien at the Dresden Academy of Arts. Completed a course of study at the Imperial Academy of Arts and awarded a fellowship to Italy (1825). Returned to St Petersburg (1827). Awarded the title of court artist and nominated to the Imperial Academy of Arts (1832). Granted a lifetime pension for painting icons for a church in Alexandria Park in Peterhof. Visited Italy (1835–1837, 1842, 1857–1858), travelled across Russia to learn folk types and everyday life (1837). Academician (1839) for his paintings for the Little Chapel in the Winter Palace. Decorated St Isaac’s Cathedral (1842–1847). Professor for the iconostasis in St Isaac’s Cathedral (1849). Taught at the Imperial Academy of Arts (from 1855). Curator of the Imperial Hermitage Picture Gallery (from 1864). Contributed to decoration of many churches, till the end of his life created studies for the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow.

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