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Portrait of Tsarevich Peter Petrovich as a Cupid. 1772

Molchanov Grigory,
Oil on canvas
53 х 43

State Russian Museum

Пост.: 1911 из ИЭ; ранее – Мраморный дворец (С.-Петербург)


Fragmental copy of a portrait by Louis Caravaque
Peter Petrovich (1715–1719), Tsarevich, was the son of Peter the Great from his marriage to Catherine Alexeyevna. From February 1718 he was heir to the throne in place of Alexis Petrovich, Peter’s eldest son by his first marriage to Eudoxia Lopukhina. His father loved him very much, but he died in infancy.

Author's Biography

Molchanov Grigory

Molchanov, Grigory Dmitrievich
1729 (1732?), Moscow – after 1786, Moscow (?)
Painter, copier, decorator. Son of the iconpainter Dmitry Yakovlev. Member of the Moscow Hof-Intendant Office staff (from 1744), “inintendance at the Moscow opera House” (from 1749). Worked in Tsarskoye Selo under GіuseppeValeriani (1752–1757), contributed to decorations of the Alexander the Great opera (1755). Summoned by Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli to paint a plafond for “a new winter wooden house” (1757). Member of the Construction Chancellery; awarded a title of apprentice of painting (1765). Worked for theatres in Moscow and at the Directorate of Imperial Theatres (from 1767). Member of the theatre staff (1786), resigned from the Directorate (1791).

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