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Red Church. Between 1901 and 1903

Kandinsky Vasili,
Oil on plywood
28 х 19,2

State Russian Museum

Пост. в 1930 из ГТГ, Москва


The painterly structure betrays such various influencesas the Union of Russian Artists, French Fauvismand German Expressionism. Kandinsky’s aspirationtowards generalization, the active tonesand the contrasting combinations pave the wayfor the artist’s future quests. This search for independencethrough colour betrays Kandinsky’s futurepainterly experiments.

Author's Biography

Kandinsky Vasili

Kandinsky, Wassily (Vasily Vasilyevich)
1866, Moscow - 1944, Neuillysur-Seine (France)
Painter, graphic artist, book illustrator, writer on painting and poetry. Studied law and political economy at the Moscow University (1885-93). Studied art at Anton Aube's private studio (1896-97) and the Akademie Franz von Stuck in Munich (1900). One of the founders of the Phalanx group (1901), organised the Neue Kimst-lervereinigung in Munich (1909). Contributed to the exhibitions of the Jack of Diamonds (1910, 1912), Der blaue Reiter (1911-12) and Galerie Der Strum (1913). Worked for Department of An, People's Commissariat of Education (1918), headed the Museum of Painterly Culture in Moscow (1919-20). Emigrated to Germany (1921) and France (1933).

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