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Portrait of Tsarina Natalia Cyrilovna. Last quarter of the 17th century

Unknown Artist
Oil on canvas
58 х 46,5

State Russian Museum

Пост.: 1925 из ГЭ (собрание Романовской галереи)


According to the comments of a contemporary, Natalia Cyrilovna Naryshkina (1651–1694), the second wife (from 1671) of Tsar Alexis Mikhailovich and the mother of Peter I, was “a woman in her finest years, of stately build and with dark, bulging eyes; she had a pleasant face and a ringing voice.” The Tsarina was widowed when she was 31 and died aged 42, and in her final years played a significant role in state affairs. Peter resembled his mother facially and was very attached to her.

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