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Alexander I and His Sister Grand Duchess Catherine Pavlovna, Princess of Oldenburg in a Peasant Hut in North Bohemia in June 1813. Between 1815 and 1819

Mitoire Benois,
Oil on canvas
44 х 52,5

State Russian Museum

Пост.: 1930 из ГЭ; ранее – собр. А.А.Кушелева-Безбородко (С.-Петербург)


Grand Duchess Catherine Pavlovna (1788–1819) was the fourth daughter of Emperor Paul I (1796–1801) and Marie Feodorovna. She was Alexander I’s favourite sister and the Queen of Württemberg. During the Russian troops’ foreign campaign of 1813–1814, she visited Germany. After signing a truce with the French after the Battle of Bautzen, Alexander went to Northern Bohemia to see his sister. During a walk, Alexander and Catherine visited the hut of a German peasant. In the vein of sentimentalism, this story was supposed to demonstrate the royals’ good character, and their interest in the lives of ordinary people.

Author's Biography

Mitoire Benois

Mitoire, Benois Charles
17… ?–after 1830, ?
French painter and lithographer, portraitist, genre painter. Became a Russian citizen (1806). Appointed to the Imperial Academy of Arts (from 3 March 1813) for the “drawn from life” portrait. Academician of the Imperial Academy of Arts (from 1813) for the portrait of FeodosiusShchedrin.

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