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Winter Landscape (Russian Winter). 1827

Krylov Nikifor,
Oil on Canvas
54 x 63,5


This is the only surviving landscape by Nikifor Krylov, one of the first masters in Russian art to depict winter. The Chernyatinsky (Chernyagin)merchants built him a warm studio on the site and supported him with funds while he worked, earning the gratitude of the Society for the Encouragement of Artists for contributing to “the success of future talents”. The combination of interest in genre details with an integral perception of nature imparts an unexpected effect to the painting.

Author's Biography

Krylov Nikifor

Krylov, Nikifor Stepanovich
1802, Kalyazin, Tver Province - 1831, St Petersburg
Painter. Worked with an artel of icon-painters on murals for village churches. Moved to St Petersburg after meeting Alexei Venetsianov (1825). Student of the school of Alexei Venetsianov, simultaneously attended the life class at the Imperial Academy of Arts. Died young of cholera

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