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Portrait of Isaak Brodsky. 1915

Blokh Michael,
46 х 27,5 х 23

State Russian Museum

Пост. в 1931 из Академии художеств


Between 1913 and 1918, Blokh created a series of “psychological portraits” of his contemporaries. One of the most artistically expressive and subtle in its execution is undoubtedly the portrait of the artist Isaak Brodsky. Blokh returned to this image several times, also creating a plaster bas relief. The dynamic composition and ragged edges help to create a spirited, emotionally expressive image of the artist, as if reflecting Brodsky’s own painting style.

Author's Biography

Blokh Michael

Blokh, Mikhail (Moisei) Fyodorovich (1885, Warsaw — 1920, Petrograd)

The sculptor Mikhail Blokh studied at the Odessa Art School and the Imperial Academy of Arts (1906–1913) under Vladimir Beklemishev. He contributed to exhibitions from 1907 onwards, including at the Union of Sculptors and the Jewish Society for the Encouragement of Artists.

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