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Composition with a Harmonica. 1914

Pougny Jean,
Oil on canvas and wood
62 x 68

State Russian Museum

Пост.: 1930 от В.С. Щербакова

Author's Biography

Pougny Jean

Pougny Jean (Puni, Ivan Albertovich) (1894, Kuokkala (Finland) - 1956, Paris)
Painter, graphic artist, theatrical designer, illustrator, writer on art. Studied at the Military Academy in St Petersburg (1900-1908). Visited Italy and France and studied at the Academic de Rodolphe Julian in Paris (1910-1912). Contributed to the exhibitions of the Union of Youth (1912-1913), Salon des Independants (1913, 1914), Jack of Diamonds (1916-1917) and the Four Arts (1928). Helped to curate the Tramcar V. First Futurist Exhibition (1915) and 0,10. Last Futurist Exhibition (1915-1916). Taught at the Petrograd Free Art-Studios (1918) and under Marc Chagall at the Vitebsk School of Art (1919). Emigrated to Berlin (1921) and Paris (1923). Awarded the Legion d'honneur (1946). Contributed to exhibitions in France, Austria, Italy, Japan, Mexico and the United States.

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