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Before the Storm. 1884

Shishkin Ivan,
Oil on canvas
110 х 150

State Russian Museum

Пост. в 1963 через Ленинградский областной комитет КПСС


Shishkin’s large-format works from the 1880s render epic images of the nature of his homeland with a wide panorama of forest views. "Before the Storm" is an example of a work that follows this compositional scheme. The motif of the landscape, however, and the use of light and dark is more in line with the design principles of late Romantic paintings.

Author's Biography

Shishkin Ivan

Shishkin, Ivan Ivanovich (1832, Yelabuga (Vyatka Gubernia) - 1898, St Petersburg)
Painter, draughtsman, engraver, landscapist. Studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1852-1855) and the Imperial Academy of Arts (1856-1860). Fellow of the Imperial Academy of Arts in Germany and Switzerland (1862-1865). Worked in the studio of Rudolf Roller in Zurich (1863), painted studies in the Teutoburg Forest (1864). Lived in Dusseldorf (1864-1865). Founding member of the Society of Travelling Art Exhibitions (1870-1898). Professor (1873). Full member of the Imperial Academy of Arts (1893). Head the landscape studio at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1894-1895, 1897). Contributed to the World Exhibitions in Paris (1867, 1878), London (1872) and Vienna (1873). Lived in St Petersburg.

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