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Zagorye Collective Farm. 1960

Nissky Georgy
Oil on canvas
215 x 154

Пост. в 1961 через МК РСФСР


Modern life was always a topical theme in the art of Georgy Nissky, revealed almost exclusively through the landscape. This particular example is one of the artist s later, more poetic and "earthy" works, compared to his primarily industrial pre-war Constructivist landscapes. In this work, the road is the vertical dominant, underlining the rhythmic alternation of the horizontal ground with a multi-coloured group of collective farm workers pausing to rest, followed by the village being rebuilt.

Author's Biography

Nissky Georgy

Nissky, Georgy Grigorievich
1903, Novobelitsa (Homel Region) - 1987, Moscow
Painter, landscapist, painted gouaches and water¬colours. Studied under Alexander Drevin and Robert Falk at the Higher Artand Technical Studios/ Higher Art and Technical Institute in Moscow (1922–1930). Close to the Society of Easel Artists. Contributed to major All-Union and All-Russian exhibitions (from 1932). Travelled along the Volga, across Moscow Region, Baltic Region and the Far East (1930s‒1950s). Held one-man shows (1950s–1960s). Full member of the Academy of Arts of the USSR (from 1958). People s Artist of the RSFSR (1965).

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