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Portrait of Ekaterina Puzino. 1835

Mokritsky Apollon,
Oil on canvas
82,5 х 62

State Russian Museum


For this portrait, Mokritsky received a gold medal, second class in 1835. Ekaterina Ivanovna Puzino (née Anichkova; 1786– 1855): First married name Martyanova; wife of Polikarp Ivanovich Puzino, writer, doctor, nobleman and a hero of the Patriotic War of 1812.

Author's Biography

Mokritsky Apollon

Mokritsky, Apollon Nikolaevich
1810, Pyriatyn (Poltava Province) å 1870, Moscow
Painter, portraitist, landscapist, teacher. Studied at the Bezborodko Nezhyn Gymnasium of Higher Sciences (1824–1830). Audited classes at the Im¬perial Academy of Arts (1831–1833). Began study¬ing under Alexei Venetsianov (1832), joined Karl Brullov s historical painting class (1936). His first silver medal (1838) for St Sebastian and Portrait Painted from Life (portrait of F. I. Eppinger). Re¬ceived a gold modal of second merit and rank of Free Artist for Roman Woman Breastfeeding Her Father. Worked and lived in Italy (1841–1849). Academician (1849) for his portrait of the Right Reverend Nicanor, Metropolitan of Novgorod and St Petersburg and other works known by the Acad¬emy . From 1951 to the end of his life, taught at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Taught drawing courses elsewhere as well.

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