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Village Yard. 1861

Popov Andrei,
Oil on сanvas
80 х 102

State Russian Museum

Пост. в 1963 от Ф. В. Мерлис


Popov is a typical representative of the Moscow landscape school. His work is directly related with images of the Russian provinces. Village Yard presumably belongs to a list of works for which the artist received a minor gold medal in 1861. Careful attention to peasant life, the naturalistic descriptiveness, and the "story" of the everyday life of village residents are all characteristic of Russian art of the 1860s.

Author's Biography

Popov Andrei

POPOV (Moskovsky), Andrei Pavlovich (1835 - after 1888)
Painter, teacher, landscapist. Studied under Carl Wilhelm Rabus and Alexei Savrasov at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1851–1858) and under Sokrat Vorobyov at the Im¬perial Academy of Arts (1858–1865, auditor). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1858). Awarded a major silver medal for View in Moscow Province (1860) and minor gold medal for four views of the same name (1861). Lived in Moscow, St Petersburg, Yaroslavl Province (from 1864) and Kalyazin, Tver Province. Taught at a district school in Vilno Province (from 1866).Further biographical information is unknown.

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