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Old Man Leaning on a Stick and a Boy Rising Up out of the Water (Against a Landscape). Between 1833 and 1857

Ivanov Alexander
Oil on paper mounted on canvas
64,2 х 46,7


Mirror image compared to the finished painting "The Apparition of Christ Before the People". 1833–1857, State Tretyakov Gallery

The studies by Alexander Ivanov for the painting The Coming of the Messiah are a unique artistic world. There are thousands of studies, and each of them are an independent, internally perfect, finished work, and sometimes the subject does not depend on the main painting, but it always pre¬serves connected with its ideas and aesthetics. Types, certain groups and visual motifs are repeated many times, revealing searches for emotional formulas. For example, the middle group in the foreground is an "old man and a boy rising up out of the water", and they were the subject of no less than six studies.

Author's Biography

Ivanov Alexander

Ivanov, Alexander Andreyevich
1806, St Petersburg -1858, St Petersburg
Painter, landscapist, history painter. Son of professor of history painting Andrei Ivanov. Studied under his father and Alexei Yegorov at the Imperial Academy of Arts. Awarded a gold medal (1827). Fellow of the Society for the Encouragement of Artists, lived in Italy (1830-58). Academician for Christ''s Appearance to Mary Magdalene after the Resurrection (1835). Worked for over twenty years on Christ''s Appearance to the Peofile, painting four-hundred studies. Pioneer of plein-air painting in Russia.

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