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Cubist Composition with Fruit. 1914–1915

Rozanova Olga,
Oil on canvas
56 x 65

State Russian Museum

Пост. в 1926 из МХК через ГИНХУК, Ленинград


A typical composition of a transitional period of the Russian avant-garde, when the non-objective image was combined with elements of figurative painting and non-abstract forms (the apple and the letters).

Author's Biography

Rozanova Olga

Rozanova, Olga Vladimirovna (1886, Malenki (Vladimir Gubernia) - 1918, Moscow)
Painter, graphic artist, designer of futurist publications, writer on art. Studied at the Stroganov School of Technical Drawing in Moscow (1904-1910) and the Elizaveta Zvantseva School of Art in St Petersburg (1911). Member of Supremus (1916). Worked for Department of Art People's Commissariat of Education and headed the section of applied art of Proletcult (1918).

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