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Portrait of the Collector Alexander Korovin. 1916

Grigoriev Boris,
Oil on canvas
63 х 72

State Russian Museum

Пост. в 1957 от С. Г. Троупянской, Ленинград


Alexander Korovin (1870–1922) was a famous Russian collector and photographer. He owned a chain of manufactory outlets in St Petersburg and taught at the Higher Institute of Photography and Photomechanics. Possessing excellent taste and a large fortune, Korovin put together an outstanding collection of paintings and drawings by fin-de-si.cle artists, which he dreamt of turning into a museum of modern Russian art and presenting to the state. Although the revolution intervened, a large part of his collection nevertheless found its way into the Russian Museum in 1920. Alexander Korovin acquired works directly from artists, many of whom he knew intimately. Boris Grigoriev was one of his closest friends.

Author's Biography

Grigoriev Boris

Grigoriev, Boris Dmitriyevich
1886, Moscow - 1939, Cannessur-Mere (France)
Painter, draughtsman. Studied under Dmitry Scherbinovsky at the Stroganov Central School of Art and Industry (1903-07) and under Alexander Kiselev and Nikolai Dubovskoi at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1907-12). Contributed to the exhibitions of the Impressionists (1909), Fellowship of Independents (1912-13) and the World of Art (1913, 1915-18, member from 1918). Emigrated (1919) and lived in Finland, Germany and France.

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