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Leo Tolstoy on Horseback. 1900. Statuette

Troubetzkoy Paolo,
49 х 42 х 19

State Russian Museum

Пост. в 1939 от Л. В. Линко, Ленинград


The sculptor was a personal friend of Leo Tolstoy (1829–1910) and apart from the equestrian statuette sculpted a small bust of the great Russian writer (1899). Both works were shown at the World of Art exhibitions and the World Exhibition in Paris (1900). In 1904, the magazine reported that Troubetzkoy had been invited to design a monument to Leo Tolstoy in Paris. Although the project was never realised, the sculptor is known to have offered the French government a statuette of the writer on horseback.

Author's Biography

Troubetzkoy Paolo

Troubetzkoy Paolo (Pavel Petrovich)
1866, Intra, Italy — 1938, Villa Cabianca near Pallanza, Italy
Sculptor, portraitist, animalist. Worked in private studios in Milan (from 1884) and his own studio (from 1885). Contributed to exhibitions in Italy, France, Russia and the United States. Won the grand prix at the World Exhibition in Paris (1900) and a gold medal at the International Exhibition in Dresden (1901). Lived in Russia (1897– 1906). Taught at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1897–1906). Designed the equestrian statue of Emperor Alexander III in St Petersburg (1899–1906). Founding member of the World of Art. Lived in Italy, Russia, France (1906–1914) and the United States (1914–1920).

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