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View onto the Admiralty from the Vasilyevsky Island Embankment. Between 1796 and 1803 (?)

Mayr Johann Georg,
Oil on canvas
76 х 116

State Russian Museum


Johann Georg Mayr depicts the Vasilyevsky Island embankment in the foreground and the Admiralty and ships being built on the other side of the River Neva. The earth ramparts and trenches surrounding the Admiralty (until 1806) can be seen on the painting

Author's Biography

Mayr Johann

Mayr (de Mayr, von Mayr, Mayer, Meyer), Johann Georg
1760, Nuremberg (Germany) - 1816, St Petersburg
Painter, draughtsman, landscapist, portraitist, il¬lustrator, engraver. Elder brother of the draughts-man and engraver Johann Christoph Mayr. Studied in Nuremberg. Invited to St Petersburg (1778). Worked atthe Imperial Academyof Sciences, draw¬ing inventions and texts , turning sketches into finished drawings for copper engraving, correct¬ing new engravings and teaching drawing, engrav¬ing and watercolour painting. Awarded more du¬
ties and students following the appointment of Princess Ekaterina Dashkova as director of the Im¬perial Academy of Sciences (1783). Painted en¬gravings made by other artists (from 1788).

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