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Spring Evening. Alder in Bloom. 1880-s

Savrasov Alexei,
Oil on canvas
45 х 68

State Russian Museum


Spring landscapes by Savrasov are characterized by warmth and heartiness of images, mildness and finesse of artistic solutions. Soft and fine colours – a combination of grey, brown, white, and blue shades – express the glimmer and tenderness of spring. Savrasov was the first to express the beauty and lyricism of the Russian landscape with such depth and poetry. He used to say: “There is no one to speak for Russia. We are still ashamed of our motherland. My grandmother told me before she died: “Try to paint so that the souls of the viewers would cry of the beauty in the land and the sky”. Lakes surrounded by aspen forests, wet fields, slanted houses, groves and low-hanging sky… We are blind if we don’t celebrate the beauty of this world”. Spring landscapes by Savrasov give a feeling of slow awakening that is typical for northern nature. The air gradually becomes warmer and is filled with spring aromas. Savrasov depicts the beauty of the Russian nature, poor houses of peasants, and all this is permeated with vibrant spring light. I. Levitan, one of the pupils of Savrasov, wrote about his tutor: “Savrasov tried to find in the most common views those deeply intimate, touching, often sad traits that are specific for our landscapes and have such incredible influence on one’s soul”.

Author's Biography

Savrasov Alexei

Savrasov, Alexei Kondratievich (1830, Moscow — 1897, Moscow)
Painter, graphic artist, teacher, landscapist. Studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1848–1854). Awarded the title of painter at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1850). Academician of painting (1854). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1852). Taught at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1857–1882).

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