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Steppe during the Day. 1852

Savrasov Alexei,
Oil on canvas
73,5 х 104,5

State Russian Museum


Alexei Kodratievich Savrasov is one of the most renowned and famous Russian landscape painters. In 1850-s the young artist began his attempts to overcome academic traditions and to find his own way in art. A trip to Ukraine was an important step in his artistic development. During this trip the artist created a number of works, including two landscapes that are exhibited in the Russian Museum – Steppe at Dawn (Ж–7941) and Steppe during the Day (Ж–6660). In these works the painter tried to express his feelings and impressions from the vast spaces of the Ukrainian steppes. He refused from dark shades typical for his first works and enriched his palette with the tones and colours of sun-lit steppes. In his painting Steppe during the Day the artist expresses the scorching heat of the steppe. A single bird sores in the sky, and on the ground two partridges try to hide from the midday sun in the faded grass. After these works Savrasov began to be considered a unique master with a personal style and a deep feeling of nature. I. Levitan, one of the pupils of Savrasov, wrote about his tutor: “Savrasov tried to find in the most common views those deeply intimate, touching, often sad traits that are specific for our landscapes and have such incredible influence on one’s soul. Lyricism in landscape painting and endless love to motherland – it all started in Russian art with Savrasov”.

Author's Biography

Savrasov Alexei

Savrasov, Alexei Kondratievich (1830, Moscow — 1897, Moscow)
Painter, graphic artist, teacher, landscapist. Studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1848–1854). Awarded the title of painter at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1850). Academician of painting (1854). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1852). Taught at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1857–1882).

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