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Spring Water. 1898

Zukowski Stanislaw,
Oil on canvas
78 х 121

State Russian Museum

Пост. в 1899 с выставки ТПХВ


The painting Spring Water reflects the artist’s early technical maturity, as at the time, he was still a pupil at the Institute of Painting. The meticulous painting work carefully conveys the familiar transformation of nature in spring, indefatigably fascinating for the eye. The unusual perspective that fragments the space, the lively game of the patches of light and reflections, the undulating grey-violet shadows on the thawed earth and on the snow all strengthen the effect of the immediacy and freshness of the picture being observed. The snow is conveyed by strokes of white, grey-violet, and grey-yellow tones, and in the painting’s brightly lit areas, the combination of white and grey-violet nuances creates a shimmering effect of pink and yellowish overtones.

Author's Biography

Zukowski Stanislaw

Żukowski, Stanislaw Julianovich
1875, Jędrzychowice, Grodno Gubernia — 1944, Pruszkуw, near Warsaw Painter.
Studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1892–1901). Academician of painting (1907). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1893). Taught at his own studio in Moscow (from 1906).

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