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Breads. Still-Life. 1912

Mashkov Ilya,
Oil on canvas
105 x 133

State Russian Museum


Ilya Mashkov was a leading member of the Jack of Diamonds, a group of artists who attempted an original fusion of the devices of Paul Cézanne and the traditions of Russian folklore. Breads is one of Mashkov’s most famous paintings.
Inspired by the provincial signboard, with its exaggerated and immobile “objectivity” conveying the sensation of wealth and repleteness, the artist was drawn to the physical forms of the loaves stacked up in objective piles. Transforming this life motif, Mashkov plays up the endless diversity and tones of the different kinds of breads and buns. As one art critic noted, despite the feast of different textures and forms, Mashkov’s still-life still smells more of turps, paints and varnish than icing.

Author's Biography

Mashkov Ilya

Mashkov, Ilya Ivanovich (1881, Mikhailovskaya (Don Region) - 1944, Abramtsevo (outside Moscow))
Painter, graphic artist, teacher, portraitist, genre artist. Studied under Abram Arkhipov, Konstantin Korovin and Valentin Serov at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1900-1909). Member of the Jack of Diamonds (1911), World of Art (1916), Society of Moscow Artists (1924-1928) and the Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia (from 1924). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1902). Contributed to the exhibitions of the New Society of Artists (1909), Golden Fleece (1909-1910), Vladimir Izdebsky Salon (1909-1911), Jack of Diamonds (1910-1914), Moscow Salon (1911), Salon des Independants (1911, 1912) World of Art (1911, 1912, 1915-1922, 1929), Society of Moscow Artists (1927, 1928) and the Venice Biennale (1924). Taught in his own studio in Moscow (1904-1917) and at the Free Art Studios/ VKhUTEMAS/Higher Art and Technical Institute (1920-1930). Headed the central studio of the Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia (1925-1929). Honoured artist of the RUSSIAN SOVIET FEDERATED SOCIALIST REPUBLIC (1928).

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