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Green Noise. 1904

Rylov Arkady,
Oil on canvas
108 x 147

State Russian Museum

Пост. в 1919 от А. Ф. Гауша, Петроград


"Green Noise" is the brightest expression of the artistic credo of Arkady Rylov. Breadth, freedom and romantic elevation are features of this particular image of nature. Rylov was evidently much taken by the eternal youth and beauty of the panorama opening up before him from the high river bank.

Author's Biography

Rylov Arkady

Rylov Arkady Alexandrovich (1870, Istobenskoe, Vyatka Gubernia — 1939, Leningrad)
Painter, teacher. Studied at the Baron Stieglitz School of Technical Drawing (1888–1891) and at the Higher School of Art, Imperial Academy of Arts (1894–1897). Academician of painting (1915).

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